The work of

Raphael Medeiros

“I sleep with a cameraunder my pillow” Director and cinematographer Raphael Medeiros has built a rock solid career in music clips and fashion films. He’s got the talent to enhance brands’ value out of his films with a refined and aiming eye to the product.

Travelling, zenithal, steadicam… multiple tools used by Medeiros to translate story-telling to life, combining creativity and precise technical movements to a deep set domain which are necessary for extraordinary results. Art and technology side by side.
Medeiros is also a very engaged independent producer and his portfolio includes a great deal of short films exhibited internationally, with awards in festivals like BiobioCine, Chile’s greatest cinema festival.

Raphael’s self-fulfillment in the area extends to his professorship work at “Darcy Ribeiro Cinema School” College, where he teaches Cinematography and Film Language.

L’Oréal Paris

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