The work of

Os Primos

Despite their relatedness as cousins, João Monteiro and Fernando Moraes have actually united due to their passion for music and cinema, developing a highly creative duo.

Their work in the YouTube platform has already been seen by more than one billion viewers. The pair has been acclaimed for the distinctiveness, aesthetics and beauty presented in their music videoclips.

OsPrimoshave been working with the most prestigious Latin artists including Pablo Vittar, Laura Pausini, Rouge, Lucas Lucco, Luan Santana, Poeta Gil, Lili, Johnny Hooker, Gaby Amarantos, Wanessa Camargo, Rico Dalasam, Ludmilla, and many others.

Lucas Lucco + Pabllo Vittar

Lali + Pabllo Vittar

Johnny Hooker feat. Gaby Amarantos

Others Directors

Aramis Barros

Raphael Dias

Raphael Medeiros

Michel Coeli

Bruno Rubim

Phil Mendonça

Norman Tamkivi